Practice Areas
Neil A. Weinrib & Associates offer legal services in many different areas

Practice Areas


Immigration Law

Visas, Green cards, legal documents/applications process, immigration questions, etc.


Business Law

Incorporation, including LLC’s, legal agreements and contracts, purchase and sale of businesses, etc.


Real Estate

Purchase and sale of condominiums and cooperative apartment buildings, leasing, etc.


Matrimonial & Family

Separation, divorce, child & spousal support, adoption, pre and post nuptial agreements, etc.


Personal Injury

Accidents and injuries, civil lawsuits, arbitration/mediation



Commercial disputes of all types, as well as arbitrations


Criminal Law

Criminal lawsuits and charges on both state and federal level, arbitration/mediation, pending trials, etc.



Drafts of wills, basic estate planning, as well as healthcare proxies/living wills


Miscellaneous Services

Contract review, name change assistance, license acquisition, etc.

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