America is Still A Magnet to foreign nationals, Despite the new Trump Administration Policies! (June 2018)

By June 7, 2018 News No Comments


As reported, despite the Trump administration crackdown, illegal immigration along the border actually increased in May regardless of the “zero tolerance” policy of prosecuting illegal immigrants and separating prosecuted parents from their children! U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested about 2,000 more illegal immigrants crossing the border in May compared to April, up from 38,234 to about 40,400! That’s truly an amazing statistic! And, including illegal immigrants who turned themselves in to CBP, more than 50,000 immigrants tried to enter the U.S. over land by the U.S.-Mexico border! Also, unaccompanied children crossing illegally increased from 4,302 in April to 6,405 in May! What these numbers illustrate is that despite the administration’s “get tough” border stance, illegal immigration has not been deterred! It is reported that the terrible conditions in Central America, including gang violence, are continuing to drive immigration to the US!


We met with a Central American client today who is now seeking political asylum, himself a victim of gang violence, as demonstrated by the fact that several of his fingers were chopped off, whose wife and young kids have been threatened in his home country. Apparently, one of the gang members told his wife that they knew her husband was in the US and threatened to kidnap the kids. When the mother notified the school of this much to her surprise, the authorities ordered that the kids not return to school for the next 2 weeks to one month so as not to endanger the other children in the school! Our client was inquiring as to how his family members can now seek safety in the US. He is totally desperate and indicated that he is willing to pay coyotes to smuggle them into the US! We advised him that this is extremely dangerous right now in view of the new Trump administration policies that could result in his kids being separated from their mother. We also advised that in view of the recent Federal district court ruling in California challenging the legality of the new Sessions policy, that it is best that his wife and kids seek entry through California in lieu of Texas where they would likely be separated.  This very sad story illustrates the current state of affairs for many now residing in Central American countries that are being torn apart by gang violence and their utter desperation to seek refuge in the United States despite the many hardships and challenges!