AP sources: U.S. to impose limits on some Chinese visas (May 2018)

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On June 11th, the Trump Administration’s plan to shorten the visas of Chinese citizens will take effect…

U.S consular officers will have discretionary power to limit the length which visas of Chinese citizens are valid. This plan changes the general practice of issuing visas for their maximum length. Though specific details of the plan are not yet available, Chinese graduate students in the fields of robotics, aviation and high end manufacturing will be limited to one year visas. Some Chinese citizens will need special clearance from multiple organizations if they research or manage a company on the U.S Department of Commerce’s list of businesses which require higher scrutiny. Trump stated that his proposal seeks to combat theft of U.S intellectual property by Chinese citizens. The process to apply for visas will not change; the length of future visas for Chinese citizens will be shorter.