August 14 – Visa Bulletin and Obamacare Illegal Subscribers

Newsletter – Immigration Update: June 3, 2015

Department of State Releases September Visa Bulletin

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has published the September 2014 Visa Bulletin. Foreign nationals having a priority date before the established cut-off date are eligible to file adjustment of status or immigrant visa applications for permanent residence.

For employment based visas, the second-preference (EB-2) category will remain current worldwide, with the exception of China and India. The EB-2 priority date for China is October 8, 2009, while the priority date for India has progressed to May 1, 2009. In the third-preference category (EB-3) the priority date for India is November 8, 2003; for China is November 1, 2008, and for the rest of the world is April 1, 2011. First-preference (EB-1) and fifth-preference (EB-5) both remain current worldwide.

For family based visas, the category for unmarried adult children of U.S. citizens (F-1) for Mexico is June 1, 1994; for the Philippines is August 1, 2004; and for the rest of the world is May 1, 2007. For spouses and children of permanent residents (F-2A) the priority date for Mexico is April 22, 2012 and for the rest of the world is January 1, 2013. For unmarried adult children of permanent residents (F-2B) the priority date for Mexico is May 15, 1994; for the Philippines is December 1, 2003; and for the rest of the world is September 1, 2997. For married adult children of U.S. citizens, the priority date for Mexico is October 15, 1993; for the Philippines is May 22, 1993; and for the rest of the world is November 15, 2003. For brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens (F-4) the priority date for Mexico is January 22, 1997; for the Philippines is March 15, 1991; and for the rest of the world is January 1, 2002.

Obamacare Requesting Proof of Legal Status From its 310,000 Members

According to a press release from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, this September Obamacare enrollees who have not yet provided the agency with sufficient documents proving US Citizenship or immigrant status will receive letters requesting proof of status. Obamacare officials stated that they are trying to keep as many members enrolled as possible, as a result they are providing individuals whose status is in question with final opportunity to submit the required documents. People who are being contacted have already received multiple notices regarding their status, and in case they fail to prove the legality of their residence, their membership benefits will be cut off by September 30, 2014.

Child Immigrants Begin To Appear Before New York Immigration Judge

This Wednesday the New York immigration court began hearing the cases of unaccompanied minors, the influx of which at the US-Mexican border earlier this year has caused a humanitarian crisis. Most unaccompanied minors enter the country, they are given a court date. Statistics show that the odds of success for children seeking asylum primarily depend on which judge will hear the case and where the hearing would be located. New York has the highest approval rate around the country – asylum is granted in 80% of the cases. Additionally, there is a greater availability of legal assistance for immigrants in New York area.

Data Shows How Media Coverage Affects People’s Views On Immigration

Washington Post reports that Americans’ perception on immigration is heavily influenced by the way media sources present the information. With the amount of stories regarding the border crisis and immigration in general almost doubling in July 2014 as compared to June 2014, the share of American population who considered immigration to be “nation’s most important problem” went up to 17% from 5% in the last month, according a Gallup poll. Also, a poll conducted by CNN shows that as the media publishes more reports on the border crisis, there has been a shift in public opinion from supporting legalization for undocumented immigrants to advocating deportations.

Gop Starts To Embrace Tea Party On Immigration

On Capitol Hill, the Tea Party wing continues to drive the G.O.P.’s agenda. Last winter, as House Republican leaders drafted their principles for immigration overhaul, they largely disregarded the opponents of any form of legal status for immigrants in the country illegally, dismissing them as a loud but small minority. Executive Director of Niger Innis has said: “We are influencing the debate inside Congress. It’s true that not all of the Tea Party candidates won their primaries around the country this electoral season, but in every case they made the incumbents more conservative. We see that on immigration and the stance the entire Republican leadership has taken in disavowing an open-borders, amnesty-for-all approach they were considering a year ago.”