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NawLaw News: Your Immigration Briefings

December 24 – Obama’s Increasing Approval and Executive Action on Immigration to Benefit US Economy

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CNN/ORC Poll Shows President Barack Obama’s Approval Rating Increase Due To Immigration Reforms President Barack Obama’s approval rating improved to 48%, a 20-month high according to a new CNN/ORC poll. The results come on the heel of Presdient Obama pushing his governing agenda, and issuing the new Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA). The executive action on immigration along with...
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October 10 – Ebola, Visa Lottery and Immigration Reform Debate

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Registration for Diversity Visa Lottery Now Open Registration for the 2015 diversity visa lottery is now open through Nov. 3, 2014. For fiscal year 2016, 50,000 diversity visas will be available. These visas are randomly given to applicants who meet eligibility requirements and who come from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the U.S. Newly Vigilant U.S. Will...
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August 14 – Visa Bulletin and Obamacare Illegal Subscribers

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Newsletter - Immigration Update: June 3, 2015 Department of State Releases September Visa Bulletin The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has published the September 2014 Visa Bulletin. Foreign nationals having a priority date before the established cut-off date are eligible to file adjustment of status or immigrant visa applications for permanent residence. For employment based visas, the second-preference (EB-2) category...
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August 8 – Legal Help Crisis and Obama’s Executive Action

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Joe Biden Calling For Legal Assistance For Unaccompanied Minors During a conference earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden brought attention to a catastrophic shortage of lawyers for migrant children facing removal. Currently, federal government provides a quick legal orientation program for detained immigrants – although the detainees may seek legal help on their own they are not entitled to...
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August 1 – Border Bill Failure and Immigration Scams

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Department Of State Reports Database Crash, Delays Visa Issuances The Department of State’s Consular Consolidated Database (CCD) has been experiencing technical malfunctions, resulting in delays in issuance of U.S. visas and U.S passports at U.S. Consular Posts. The problem is not specific to any country and is affecting U.S. Consular Posts worldwide. According to the Department of State, it is...
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July 25 – Obama’s Plan and Immigration Flow Decreasing

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Site Visits For L-1, E-2 Visa Extensions Through USCIS USCIS is now conducting random site visits for L-1 and E-2 status extensions processed by USCIS. Obama Considering Possible Refugee Status For Honduran Children In order to stem the surge of migrants at the Southwest border and prevent many children from making a dangerous journey north, the Obama administration is considering...
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July 18 – Texas Border Bill, Child Migrants and Foreign Employees

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Texas Legislators To Offer Border Bill Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), the Senate’s No. 2 Republican, and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) will introduce a bill intended to address the humanitarian crisis at the southern border and make it easier to return immigrant children from Central America back to their home countries, reports the New York Times.The bill would allow Central American...
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July 4 – Immigration Reform and Protests

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Obama Seeks To Speed Deportations At The Border On Monday, President Obama asked Congress for over $2 billion to help cope with the surge of tens of thousands of unaccompanied child immigrants from Central America to the Texas border and to grant the administration “additional authority to exercise discretion” in sending them home. The recent influx of undocumented minors has...
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