July 25 – Obama’s Plan and Immigration Flow Decreasing

Site Visits For L-1, E-2 Visa Extensions Through USCIS

USCIS is now conducting random site visits for L-1 and E-2 status extensions processed by USCIS.

Obama Considering Possible Refugee Status For Honduran Children

In order to stem the surge of migrants at the Southwest border and prevent many children from making a dangerous journey north, the Obama administration is considering screening children for refugee status in Honduras, The New York Times reports. It is believed that many of the child migrants, especially in Honduras, are fleeing from increasing violence and forcible gang recruitment. Under Obama’s plan, the children and young adults under 21 would be interviewed by American government employees in Honduras. Administration is considering implementing this plan through executive action, bypassing Congress.

Speedy Deportations Could Hamper Child Migrant’s Immigration Cases

As the United States seeks to quickly deport young migrants who made the journey to the U.S. border, immigration advocates fear that this could defeat some children’s asylum claims. Border patrol agents screen minors very briefly regarding their fear to return shortly after they are caught. The children are often disoriented, exhausted, and distrustful of the authorities, and therefore unlikely to be forthcoming during such questioning. Under the current rules, border patrol agents must screen minors from Mexico within 48 hours after they are caught; if no fear of returning home is articulated the minors may be deported. For other countries, minors must be transferred to detention shelters within 72 hours, after which government officials try to reunite the children with family or possible guardians in the United States while they go through formal removal proceedings. The potential relief available to unaccompanied minors may include special immigrant juvenile status, asylum, as well as visas for victims or witnesses of serious crimes or human trafficking.

Flow Of Young Migrants Appears To Be Abating Slightly

There are some signs that the flow of young migrants at the border appears to be slowing down, The New York Times reports. The United States Border Patrol reports a dip in the number of women and children apprehended at the border. So far there have been about 57,000 unaccompanied minors that have been detained by federal authorities at the border since the October of last year. Officials hope that the decrease is due to the increased efforts to slow down the flow as well as the publicity regarding the dangers of the journey and the likelihood of speedy deportation once the journey is completed. The decrease may also be due to the fact that some countries, including Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, are making it more difficult for children to leave, by prohibiting bus ticket sales to minors and increasing the number of police officers at their borders.

Obama Planning Immigration Overhaul Singlehandedly

President Obama is expected to announce what executive action he aims to take in light of Congressional inaction on immigration within the next several weeks. Immigration activists are expecting that the executive action will take form of a major change, such as temporary relief from deportations and work authorizations for undocumented immigrations, Time magazine reports. Precisely what action the White House plans to take remains under wraps, however. Some possible avenues of relief could include expanding the deferred action program to a larger pool of undocumented immigrants, including spouses of U.S. citizens who are ineligible to adjust and parents of minor children, or granting protections for specific employment categories, such as undocumented immigrants working in the agricultural sector. More modest possibilities include readjusting enforcement priorities.

This news comes as the House Rules Committee approved a resolution yesterday to authorize Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama over his use of executive power.