Living in A Sanctuary City Is Certainly No Guarantee of Safety! (June 2018)

By June 6, 2018 News No Comments

Today’s sad story, and, regrettably, there is at least one each and every day it seems, concerns Pablo Villavicencio, an illegal immigrant (I don’t really like the term “alien”) from Ecuador, married to a U.S. citizen with 2 U.S. born children, who was recently arrested while delivering pizza to Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn after he was asked for identification at the gate by a military guard – which, unfortunately, he didn’t have at that time. The soldier then proceeded to call ICE to have him arrested-which occurred! Actually, Mr. Villavicencio had applied for a green card back in February which is still pending. ICE claims he has an outstanding deportation order based on his having been granted voluntary departure by an immigration judge in March 2010, but he failed to depart by July 2010, as ordered. It is the position of ICE that his voluntary departure order became a final order of removal and he is now officially a “fugitive.”  This illustrates the fragility of the term “sanctuary city” and how illegal immigrants should be aware of their vulnerability-even in New York and other sanctuary cities. We have seen many instances in New York City where ICE has shown up at courthouses and arrested illegal immigrants, many on minor criminal charges.  AG Sessions and ICE have declared “war” on sanctuary cities! Therefore, those in illegal status must be astutely aware that there is a veritable minefield out there and they must exercise caution each and every day when leaving their homes! What a way to live! Wouldn’t it make more sense for Congress to simply pass an amnesty bill or grant some form of relief to those in illegal status? Certainly, these are very hard-working people who sustain many businesses throughout the entire country across a broad range of industries including restaurants, farms, service businesses such as dry cleaners, factories, etc. In New York City, for example, I can’t think of one business that doesn’t utilize foreign workers! They are a true resource throughout the US! The restaurant industry clearly depends on very hard working people engaged in harvesting fruits and vegetables throughout the entire country. It is undeniable that these farms and businesses represent the lifeline of America! And, the vast majority are law abiding people simply trying to make a living, educate their children, and support their family – while living in a free country! They are guilty of seeking a better way of life! Perhaps Stephen Miller and Mr. Sessions should spend some time living in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, or Egypt!