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Neil A. Weinrib
After establishing himself as a trusted immigration expert, Neil founded his own immigration practice NAWLaw in 1980.

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NawLaw is renowned for its involvement in groundbreaking decisions affecting many areas of immigration law.

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New York City Immigration –
Neil A. Weinrib & Associates (NAWlaw)

Our law firm is renowned throughout the United States because it has been involved in groundbreaking decisions affecting many areas of immigration law for nearly 40 years. There is no substitute for experience! We use advanced technology and have access to the latest data, research, and changes in the law, which enable us to guarantee our clients efficient and professional service. In fact, our level of success is extraordinary, as we consistently obtain outstanding results for our clients.

Our team of legal specialists will assist you in obtaining a visa that suits your situation or in obtaining a green card to become a lawful permanent resident. Our reputation is such that clients contact us from around the world whenever they have encountered legal problems and require expert legal advice and assistance.

WAIVERS: Our firm individually tailors and handcrafts waiver applications for a variety of purposes, including both immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. Our team has successfully filed waivers for many clients allowing them to continue with their lives unimpeded by a lengthy and costly process. With issues ranging from overstays and illegal entry to misrepresentation and minor criminal issues, our devotion to individual client needs produces superior results. No matter the issue, our team is dedicated o designing an effective waiver application to address the unique concerns facing our clients in each case.For more information on the various types of visas available and whether you qualify, click below.