Real Estate
NAWLaw guides our clients through the complicated process of real estate transactions in New York City.

Real Estate Attorneys –
Neil A. Weinrib & Associates (NAWlaw)

Our law firm has extensive experience in advising and guiding clients with regard to a variety of real estate transaction issues in and around New York City. Buying and/or selling real estate frequently has significant complications and consequences, and having well-versed lawyers on your side to avoid common pitfalls is highly advantageous.

While a real estate agent can help you with many aspects of a deal, it is an attorney who performs crucial due diligence and helps close the deal efficiently and effectively. As such, our attorneys may integrally assist in real estate transactions by: negotiating the contract upon reviewing and adjusting the seller’s terms, providing information to our client about the property’s finances, co-op board meeting minutes, and any relevant tax information with regard to the purchased property, demonstrating to potential sellers that you are capable and ready to follow through with a deal.

We have extensive experience in advising you in areas such as the purchase and sale of condominiums or cooperative apartments and the building and leasing of commercial buildings and homes.