The H-1B Deadline is Coming Very Soon!

The H-1B Deadline is Coming Very Soon!



There is still time to begin the H-1B Visa process with Nawlaw! You have to be “in it to win it.” We have achieved a terrific record of success!

Last year 52% of our applications were selected in the H-1B lottery which was higher than the national percentage of 43% and we expect the number to go up this year. The H-1B visa is very much alive and well – and still available for qualified foreign nationals!

Therefore, we strongly urge you to act now and not to wait! It takes several weeks’ time to draft, prepare and file an H-1B visa petition. Please contact us to arrange a consultation, either in our office or by phone or Skype. There is no substitute for our tremendous experience of 30 years! We have consistently achieved a very high success rate for our H-1B petitions. At Nawlaw we have created an elite strike force of Power Lawyers – as opposed to other law firms who rely on less experienced paralegals. Our “secret sauce” is simply hard work and a never ending desire to win! Nawlaw is a world class law firm providing a powerful combination of precision legal service, tremendous expertise and affordability. We are Immigrationologists!

At Nawlaw we are always available, understanding, and very able to assist you in the H-1B visa process.