Will June Be Any Different Than May?

By June 3, 2018 News No Comments

Just read a terrific piece in CNN describing the many events that occurred last month affecting US immigration – starting with the migrant caravan which has now¬† engendered a national the debate on the challenges associated with seeking political asylum in the US, including proving a credible fear or persecution in the home country, the recent death of a transgender applicant from Honduras who was part of the caravan while in ICE detention, the fate of unaccompanied minor children¬† (1,500 presumed “lost”) and what happens to them after arriving in the US, continuing with the national debate over the future of DACA, the sanctuary city debate.

ICE enforcement going wild (“open season”) in Philadelphia, Chicago, northern California and other parts of the country seeking to apprehend illegals, many of whom do not have criminal records but happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the recent efforts by USCIS to keep track of foreign students and exchange visitors who overstay their visas and the nationwide attack on MS-13 and other “animals”.

I have further seen the elimination of the International Entrepreneur Visa which was proposed during the Obama admin. but, unfortunately, never got off the ground, the recent death of an unarmed female migrant in Texas by the Border Patrol, the recent detention of a mother with valid work permission in Jacksonville, Florida during a routine check-in, the proposed restriction of student visas for Chinese nationals, illegal students in Texas and elsewhere who now fear being turned over to ICE by school officials, illegals who fear seeking emergency medical care at US hospitals, etc.

I’m afraid to say that these unfortunate events will likely continue in June and beyond!